Girls of Summer Reading List / by abby hanlon

Dory Fantasmagory was selected for the 2015 Girls of Summer Reading List, one of 18 books that celebrate strong girls.  When I heard this news, I felt like Dory's proud parent.  Two authors, Meg Medina and Gigi Amateau curate the list, and it's a great resource for parents, and you can search their summer archives for the last five summers.

Meg Medina wrote about Dory for the website, scroll down a bit:

I love this sentence that she wrote, "Sprinkled into the hilarious scenarios are also the quiet moments of hurt and love we see in families."

And here is my interview for their website:

In the interview, they ask every author to finish the sentence, "Strong girls are..." My 8-year-old daughter and I put our brains together to come up with a definition.  And then we read other author's responses from past interviews. Here is my favorite response from author Hannah Barnaby:

Please finish this sentence: Strong girls ... Strong girls are complicated creatures. Strength in girls is often mistaken for something else, and it’s often given the wrong name. It’s labeled in ways that are meant to hurt us, punish us for being strong in the first place. But strong girls always manage to find each other, and strong girls tell their stories.