Decatur Book Festival / by abby hanlon

At Decatur's legendary children's bookstore, Little Shop of Stories, I got to meet my idol, Skippy Jon Jones' creator, Judy Schachner. We share an editor at Dial, the extraordinary Lucia Monfried.

Here I am with beloved authors Tui Sutherland (Wings of Fire), Terra McVoy (Drive Me Crazy)-- and Terra's real life best friend and editor, author Anici Rissi (Anna Banana) right before our panel discussion on female friendships. 

With 600 authors in every genre invited for a weekend of events, the Decatur Book Festival is a massive and joyous community coordination of book lovers.  I was so grateful and honored to be invited. And thrilled to be able to see fellow children's book authors in action: David Soman, Victoria Jamieson, Matt Holm, Drew Daywalt, Bob Shea and Jory John.