Head in the Clouds Book Tour / by abby hanlon


Day 1 Athens, Georgia


14 events in 6 days! Thank you to my publicist Bridget Hartzler and my editor Lucia Monfried for sending me off! 

First stop on the tour -- Chase Street Elementary where second graders asked amazing questions like, "When did you first find your passion for writing?" Then I spent the afternoon with 300 kids at Oglethorpe Avenue Elementary. Thank you to librarians Tanya Hudson and Deirdre Sugiuchi.  And thank you Avid Bookstore for arranging the visits and hosting a wonderful evening event.   

DAY 2 Chicago 


Welcome signs at Meadowview school in Grayslake, IL. Thank you to literacy specialist Michelle Knott who went above and beyond to welcome me.  


Thank you to Robert at the Book Stall in Winnetka, IL for getting the kids hyped with this cake. 


Getting some drawing help here...


Just some adorable Dory fans at The Book Stall.

DAY 3 Washington DC

Abby Hanlon at Sirius XM Radio 2018.03.08 (2)_preview.jpg

At Sirius XM Radio with Mindy Thomas (From Absolutely Mindy and Wow In the World/NPR) and 6 year old Bram. Thank you Bram and Mindy for the interview! Bram had lots of incisive questions like, "Why is Mrs. Gobble Gracker so sneaky?" And "Why is Mr. Nuggy a man?" 

Abby Hanlon at Sirius XM Radio 2018.03.08 (6)_preview.jpeg
Abby Hanlon at Politics and Prose 2018.03.08 (2)_preview.jpeg

First visit to the legendary Politics&Prose

Abby Hanlon at Politics and Prose 2018.03.08 (15)_preview.jpeg

Signing books with Margaret Orto at Politics&Prose. 

DXzOLOQXkAAItt2 2.jpg

At the Brightwood School in DC with the Open Book Foundation. Open Book provided four classes of third graders with their own copy of the first Dory book. These kids were such a lovely little audience and they were so thrilled to receive the book. I wished I had more time with them. 

Day 4 Doylestown, PA

After a presentation at Doylestown Elementary School a little girl telling me all about her drawings.


Thank you to librarian Heather Herwig. She created this board of imaginary friends with her students:


The little girl who gave me this drawing came to the reading at Doylestown Bookshop dressed as Rosabelle-- wearing many skirts. Her mom told me that she often pretends to be Rosabelle and her mom has been designated the role of "Rosabelle's driver."  


Spotted this on the white board in the kids section in the bookshop after the reading. 


Day 5 was a reading at Barnes and Noble is Fairless Hills, PA and then... 

DAY 6 Brooklyn, NY HOME!! 


Thank you to Emma and Abby at Books Are Magic. 

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