Ralph featured in USA Today! / by abby hanlon

Featured in USA Today!

Ralph Tells a Story

Written and illustrated by Abby Hanlon

Amazon, 32 pp., $16.99, ages 5-9, on sale Sept. 18

* * * ½

Ralph’s teacher says, “Stories are everywhere,” but Ralph contends, “NOTHING happens to me!” He can’t get past staring at the blank sheet of lined paper on his desk. None of his classmates has the slightest hint of writer’s block, which makes things worse, until Ralph discovers that all he has to do is answer a few simple questions. It’s a promising debut by Abby Hanlon, a former first-grade teacher who does delightful childlike drawings. She offers writing tips from Ralph, including, “You can always write about what you had for breakfast” and “Eat lots of chocolate.”