Ralph on tour / by abby hanlon

Ralph Tells A Story is going on (a blog) tour! (My mom asked me if I need to leave the house for this. The is answer is NO.)

I’m excited for the opportunity to contribute to some great children’s literature and parenting websites. Each day of the tour there will be a new writing tip for kids from me (not Ralph).  Please come along! 

Here is the schedule…

Oct 1  Momma Drama, Guest Post

Oct 2  KitlitFrenzy, Guest Post

Oct 3  Susan Heim on Parenting,  review

Oct 4  There’s A Book, review

Oct 5  Lille Punkin Reviews, review

Oct 6  A Mom’s Take, interview

Oct 9  Just A Little Creativity, review,

Oct 10  The Children’s Book Review, guest post

Oct 11  Adventures in Mommydom

Oct 12 Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers, guest post