Ralph Tells A Story is now for sale! / by abby hanlon

The best part of taking forever to complete my first book is that, meanwhile, my kids grew up.  They are now the perfect age to love Ralph. The first thing I did after I got my copy in the mail was to walk over to their kindergarten classes for story time.

Here is my son proudly introducing me, with his teacher.

Here is my daughter taking over.

After all the insecurities, (Is my book stupid? Will they not laugh at the jokes? Can the kids tell I don’t really know how to draw?) the reward came!  Oh the giggles from these kids! Here’s a good one:

At the end of reading the story suddenly everyone had their hand up with a story theywere dying to tell me!!

"One time I lost my underwear!"

"Once my dad put my super hero underwear on MY head!"

"Once my bike broke and nobody could fix it!" 

"My brother eats lots of chocolate!"