"Perfection of tone, plot, pacing, art, you name it. Author Abby Hanlon has taken a universal childhood desire (the wish of the younger sibling for the older ones to play with them) and turned it into a magnificent epic fantasy complete with sharp-toothed robbers, bearded fairy godmothers, and what may be the most realistic 6-year-old you’ll ever meet on a page." Betsy Bird, New York Public Library Youth Materials Collections Specialist
"Often just on the edge of out of control, this inventive child is irresistible and her voice, convincing... Charming, funny and true to life". Kirkus Review, Starred Review
"Reality and fantasy combine hilariously in a story that, at heart, is about a girl who wants little more than to spend time with her brother and sister. Hanlon’s (Ralph Tells a Story) loosely scrawled illustrations, speech balloons, and hand-lettering are an enormous part of the story’s humor, channeling Dory’s energy and emotions as emphatically as the narration. Time spent with Dory is time well spent." Publisher's Weekly, Starred Review
"Hanlon creates a successful transitional book for new readers ready for longer stories. Dory ultimately finds a way to prove her bravery to her brother and sister, and readers will laugh at her entertaining antics." School Library Journal, Starred Review
"To say that six-year-old Dory is imaginative is an understatement... Dory’s palpable longing to be part of her siblings’ activities adds just the right amount of heart-wrench to the story, and the family dynamics are humorously true-to-life... Fans of Ramona the Pest will particularly love this, and adults looking for a rib-tickling readaloud selection will find Dory fills the bill." The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books, Starred Review